Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gov. Brewer To Have Ears Of Most Of Arizona's U.S. House Delegation On Obama's "War On Arizona's Jobs"; WATCH: Rep. Gosar On War

Most of Arizona's Congressional Republicans will take hearing testimony from Governor Jan Brewer (R-AZ) tomorrow in downtown Phoenix. The lone House Republican not confirmed to attend the hearing tomorrow is Rep. Jeff Flake (R-CD6-running for Sen.).

The hearing is being put on by the Congressional Western Caucus (the "CWC"), of which all of Arizona's GOP Congressmen are members. They have titled the hearing "Washington Barriers to Prosperity and Property Rights in Arizona," and their media advisory indicates that the witnesses "will examine the Obama Administration's environmental and natural resource policies and their impacts on jobs, economic growth and private property rights across the West and specifically in Arizona."

In his address on behalf of the CWC, Rep. Paul Gosar (R-CD1-running for CD4) discusses the Obama Administration's "war on Arizona's jobs." Given that the hearing "will shed light on specific examples, the extent of the problems, and help facilitate a discussion on what needs to be done to fix them," and Gov. Brewer's repeated comments about the Obama Administration, it is expected that she will support the notion of a federal war against Arizona.

Gov. Brewer will have the witness table to herself, and will be followed by a panel of representatives of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, the Arizona Farm Bureaus, the Irrigation & Electrical Districts Association of Arizona and the Mohave County Board of Supervisors.

The hearing begins at 10:30a.m. in Senate Hearing Room 1 at the State Capitol.

The Congressional Western Caucus website currently features Rep. Paul Gosar as their (periodic) "Weekly Address", speaking about how the Obama Administration is waging "war on Arizona's jobs".

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