Thursday, August 30, 2012

WATCH: FULL Brewer Intvu Where She Mistakenly "Endorses" Obama; Entertaining, But Not Newsworthy

The Arizona Republic's website is playing Governor Jan Brewer's latest misspeak big, featuring it on its front page and calling it a "gaffe".  Both the Republic and the Arizona Daily Star link to video with just the short snippet, when it would have been almost as easy to find a longer clip that makes it clear that it was just a one-time slip of the lip (well, the lip and the teeth as she flashed her bright smile when she said "...which I hope that he is").

Here's that longer clip, in which she expresses her support for Romney before and after the slip:

Misspeaks are fun, but they should really only be newsworthy when they could be seen as revealing a subconscious belief that counters what the person intended to say, or when it is a "not intended to be a factual statement" moment.  Then, it becomes a gaffe.  And, neither applies here.

One could make the argument that - in the governor's case - it furthers a pattern of misspeaks that somehow reflects on her abilities to be Arizona's governor.  Noone can seriously make that argument... and she is not up for election or recall.

This is pure entertainment, and should not distract from the substantive issues/articles that the Republic is addressing on either side of the fluff.

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