Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Arizona's Andrei Cherny NOT Joining Katie Couric In Yahoo-ing

Deep within some of the coverage of Katie Couric joining Yahoo! News(?), there was a note that she would be working with other "high-profile hires" such as "author and historian Andrei Cherny."

Arizona's Politics thought that its audience would be more interested in the former chair of the Arizona Democratic Party - and candidate for elective office - joining a bid for internet news dominance (relevance?) than in the network-and-platform-hopping Couric.

However, finding an original - or, even a second - source for the announcement proved difficult.  Until Cherny himself told Arizona's Politics that he had not even heard about his supposed new gig until our e-mail.

When Yahoo!'s PR person later responded that she was checking into the matter, we were able to tell her that she need not bother, but that they might actually consider bringing on Cherny, who has founded a journal ("Democracy: A Journal of Ideas") and blogged for Huffington Post.

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