Thursday, July 3, 2014

National Democrats Checking Phoenix Out For '16 Convention; What Stars Will Greet Them?

UPDATE/CLARIFICATION, 8:45pm: Ann Wallack tweeted back to Arizona's Politics to let readers know that "actually, the Mayor helped with the Republican bid also. He flew to DC with them. Seth and city staff helped both parties."  (Original text remains below.)  Wallack also gave this comment: "We are very excited to shine a light on PHX and our fabulous facilities!"  You can view Phoenix's video montage here.

Phoenix gets its chance to wow the DNC this September, with the goal of hosting the 2016 Democratic National Convention.  Other cities vying for the GOP's convention have trotted out elephants or Mr. Football - who will Phoenix use to make an impression?

Phoenix will get to make the final impression on the committee, who will be visiting the other finalists this summer (Birmingham, Cleveland, Columbus, Brooklyn and Philadelphia, in that order).  The trip to Arizona will be September 10-11 - still hot, but not AS hot.

Phoenix lost out on its bid to host the Republican National Convention.  Dallas and Cleveland are the two finalists in that competition.

Interestingly, the Arizona GOP was in charge of the unsuccessful bid, but Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton's Deputy Chief of Staff Seth Scott is heading up - along with Ann Wallack - the effort for the Democratic Convention.  Stanton and others made an in-person pitch in Washington two weeks ago.

Politico reports that Cleveland arranged for star college quarterback Johnny Manziel to meet with the Republicans, and that Dallas had elephants greeting the committee.  (Such stunts seemed to work with the GOP, as those are the two finalists!)

So, how should Phoenix try to make the most of their opportunity to make a big, final impression on the Democrats' committee?

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