Thursday, October 16, 2014

CAMPAIGN FINANCE COMPARISON: Rep. Sinema, Challenger Rogers Headed Into Homestretch With Same Cash On Hand

Despite raising three times as much money as her Republican challenger, Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-CD9) and Wendy Rogers headed into the homestretch of the campaign with roughly the same amount of cash on hand.

Sinema raised $619,163 between August 7 and September 30 ($850,000 for the quarter), according to her FEC report filed yesterday.  Rogers' campaign brought in $365,674 during the same period ($417,000 in the 3rd quarter).

The reason that the cash on hand numbers are nearly identical - $481K for Sinema, $455K for Rogers - is that Sinema began airing TV ads heavily during September, while the challenger waited until last week to go up on the air.  Sinema's disbursements were $1.0M in the 7 week period, while Rogers spent $128,000.

Since the election cycle began, the first-term incumbent has raised 3 times as much money as her challenger ($3.3M to $1.1M).

Compared to the two hotly-contested toss-up districts in Arizona (CD1 and CD2), outside spending has not started to flow in #AZ09 until the past week (House Majority PAC, against Rogers).  That adds more significance to the disparity between the candidates' campaign numbers.

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