Wednesday, August 12, 2015

UPDATED, WATCH: Flake Target of New $445K Ad Blitz By Veterans and Bipartisan Group Opposing Iran Nuclear Deal

(UPDATE, 8/13, 1:00p,m.: The 30-second version of the new ad is now available on ASI's YouTube page, and is presented at the bottom of this article. ASI has not yet released the Flake-specific ad.)

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) is about to be hit hard about his vote on the Iran nuclear deal.  A combination of a veteran who was the victim of an Iranian-financed bomb blast (in Iraq, 2005) and a bipartisan group led by ex-Senators have purchased approximately $445,000 in 30- and 60-second ads on Phoenix television stations, beginning Friday.

The American Security Initiative, Inc. is a 501(c)(4) group that is not disclosing where the money for the $6.2M ad blitz (in 8 other states) is coming from.  The Phoenix ad buy is approximately $445,692. (see below for copy)  They are teaming up with a group called Veterans Against the Deal.

The 60-second ad (below) features Retired Staff Sergeant Robert Bartlett, who shows and describes the bomb blast that "cut me in half from the left corner of my temple down through my jaw."  He states that Senators who vote to approve the agreement with Iran and other countries will "have blood on their hands" because the money Iran will make after sanctions are lifted will fund more terrorism.  (A point that President Obama has conceded while claiming that the deal will forestall Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.)

Bartlett also was interviewed in greater depth on Fox News (by Megyn Kelly), last night.

Flake continues to be undecided on how he will vote next month, but his comments do seem to indicate that he is very skeptical of the agreement.  He has already been the target of an ad campaign by the Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran (believed to be financed by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee ("AIPAC")).

This new American Security Initiative was created by four ex-U.S. Senators (Norm Coleman, Evan Bayh, Joe Lieberman, and Saxby Chambliss). The two Republicans and two Democrats have/had very close ties with AIPAC.  The ASI ran an explosive ad on the subject back in March, when Congress was negotiating with the Administration how to handle a then-hypothetical agreement.

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