Thursday, February 11, 2016

OOPS, and HMMM! Arizona SuperPAC Says Check$mart Gave It $10,000, Not Political Consultant Constantin Querard (FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS)

The Arizona Frontier Fund, a new Super PAC registered to work Congressional races, amended its campaign finance report last night to reflect that Check$mart gave it $10,000 and not political consultant Constantin Querard.

Politico had contacted AFF after noting that Querard was listed as providing 1/3 of the $30,000 seed money, noting that Querard is also receiving monies from House Speaker David Gowan, who is running to replace Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick.

AFF quickly corrected the report last night, to show that Community Choice Financial had actually provided the money. (1-800-Contacts and dark money outfit GOPAC Election provided the other $20,000.)

Community Choice owns and operates 33 CheckSmart stores around the Phoenix and Tucson areas, providing title loans, express loans, check cashing and other services. Community Choice has also sent $15,000 to the Querard-run House Victory PAC and Senate Victory PAC, which support Republicans in the Arizona Legislature.

Gowan is a sponsor of a bill to permit so-called "flex loans"; the bill failed a hurdle in the Senate Finance Committee yesterday. There are other pieces of legislation in the state legislature also concerning financial services such as those provided by Community Financial.*

The AFF amended report (below) explains that it was a "clerical error during caging" that wrongly named Querard. Arizona's Politics has asked Querard about whether he has any involvement with AFF - Super PACs are required to avoid coordinating with a candidate or his committee, although those rules have been bent nearly beyond recognition in this year's Presidential race.  Querard told Politico he does not know who AFF will be backing.  We will update this article as necessary.

*Gowan's Congressional committee also received a maxed-out $5,400 contribution from LoanMax's President.

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