Thursday, April 7, 2016

WATCH: "Fuggedaboudit, Ted!" Pro-Kasich Super PAC Runs Ad Slamming Cruz "New York Values" Critique (FOLLOWING MONEY IN 2016 POLITICS)

(Updated to include Kasich campaign's ad.)

"Fuggedaboudit, Ted!" is the message of the new ad that a pro-Kasich Super PAC will be running in New York. The ad slams Texas Senator Ted Cruz for his critique of "New York values" earlier in the campaign.  Both Ohio Governor John Kasich and front-runner Donald Trump are determined to spend the next couple of weeks reminding New Yorkers of Cruz's criticism.

The New Day Independent Media Committee filed with the FEC tonight that it had spent $24,459 for a "media buy" in New York opposing Cruz.  However, the Super PAC supporting Kasich announced that the ad will be part of its "seven figure television buy in New York and Pennsylvania."

The Cruz comments in January were part of his  earliest criticisms of Trump in the run-up to the Iowa caucuses. They are now front and center now that New Yorkers are about to weigh in on the GOP candidates.

Kasich's campaign ALSO unveiled a new ad today using the Cruz/

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