Thursday, November 17, 2016

Constable To JP: Fred Arnett Chosen This Afternoon To Make That Unusual Move In West Mesa

On January 2,  Constable Fred Arnett will stop serving court papers throughout the West Mesa Justice Precinct and will start issuing the papers as the Justice of the Peace. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors met this afternoon and unanimously chose Arnett to replace the resigning JP, Mark Anderson.

(Arizona's Politics reported earlier today that the decision was imminent.)

Interestingly, Arnett was chosen over Dan Dodge, who had served as a Justice of the Peace in the Highland (Gilbert) Precinct for several years.  Arnett and Dodge were the only two to apply to serve out Anderson's term who lived in the West Mesa Justice Precinct.

“Fred’s commitment to the West Mesa community extends back years. He was raised and now is raising his own family in the community he will now serve,” said District 1 Supervisor Denny Barney, whose supervisorial district encompasses much of the justice precinct.

Arnett has been the Constable for the past 16 years, and is also a licensed real estate broker.

Anderson was elected to the JP post in 2010 and 2014, after serving 14 years in the state Legislature. He resigned on October 20, effective January 1, 2017. West Mesa precinct residents had two weeks to apply to replace him for the remainder of his four year term.

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Anonymous said...

Fred Arnett, or should I say Fraud Arnett, is the biggest hypocrite I have ever known. His horse and pony show is mere theatrics. I have known him for nearly a decade now. It is quite unfortunate that West Mesa doesn't have anyone decent run against him. He deserves to be beaten badly. It is hilarious how his family has various different last names and goes around on places like facebook giving him 5 stars with stellar reviews, pretending not to be family. Wright's are all closely related to him.

Ace said...

Fred was a terrible choice.

Then again Dan Dodge wouldn't have been much better. Someone (non-applicant) should have been appointed or a new election.