Sunday, December 16, 2018

BREAKING: 2019 Special Election To Replace McCain/Kyl Less Likely After Court Filing

Plaintiffs pushing Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to call an immediate special election to re-fill the late Sen. John McCain's have backed off a bit after consulting with Gov. Ducey's attorney.

The suit claims the Arizona law permitting Ducey to name the again-retiring Jon Kyl - and, now, a 2nd appointment for a full two year Congressional session - is unconstitutional.  Filed Nov. 29, the suit asks for a court order which would set an election within 6 months.

Mike Liburdi represents the Governor and conferred with plaintiffs' counsel last week. Subsequently, plaintiffs have asked the judge to NOT setoral argument on their motion for an injunction. Instead, they would like to amend their Complaint.

Arizona's Politics has requested comments from both sides and will update as necessary.
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