Wednesday, November 6, 2019

BREAKING: AZ Supreme Court Backtracks, Will Not Restrict Livestreaming Outside the Courthouse (ARIZONA'S POLITICAL SHORTS)

5:00pm: The Arizona Supreme Court backtracked and will permit reporters and citizens alike to broadcast, photograph, etc from the courthouse steps. This afternoon's order replaces last month's, which caused a minor uproar. Court security will still be able to take action if someone is threatening, disrupting or causing a security issue.

Read more - and learn more about the new "AZ Law" program on Sun Sounds of Arizona - at our sister site.

12:00pm: As reported this morning on our sister site/program, "AZ Law", President Trump has made his second judicial nomination for the U.S. District Court in Tucson in under two months. Superior Court Judge John Hinderaker is being tapped to fill the vacancy created earlier this year when Hon. Raner Collins moved to "senior status".

Read more - and learn more about the new "AZ Law" program on Sun Sounds of Arizona - at our sister site.

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