Monday, February 3, 2020

2020 SNOW-BIRDING: Iowa Caucuses Taking Place IN Arizona

Wondering about that sudden chill that spread through Arizona this morning? You might blame the Iowa Presidential caucuses. Huh?

Several dozen snowbirds and college students from Iowa will be caucusing today in Arizona, and the weather gods obviously wanted it to feel like a true Iowa caucus! (Never mind they probably were trying to get away from the cold.)

That's right - there will be FOUR caucus sites this afternoon/evening for Iowa's many registered voters wintering in our sunny(?) state. This is the first time that the Iowa caucus has set up satellite locations for temporarily-self-exiled Iowans, and - not surprisingly - Arizona and Florida are the only states with so many caucus locations.

The Harkins movie theater in Queen Creek will host an early-bird caucus, at 3:30pm. The two in Tucson and one in Green Valley will start at the traditional time of 6pm. (Another fun fact: one in Tucson will be at a private home.)

Potential caucus-goers had to register by January 17 to attend one of these sites, so do not plan to be a snowbird who just flits in. However, the four Arizona caucuses are open to the public.

Final fun fact: Through the early 1990's, Arizona had a modified version of the caucuses to choose the delegates to the national party conventions. That changed when the Legislature and Governor made them state-run affairs. Arizona's Presidential Preference Election takes place on March 17 - this year, it is only for Democrats. The deadline to register to vote as a Democrat for the PPE is February 18.

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