Tuesday, December 7, 2021

A Crazy Defamation Suit Threat? Kari Lake's Attorney Threatens GOP Consultant, Invites Depo On Lake's Stability (READ Classic Ryan Retort)

A "nonsensical claim of defamation" could open Kari Lake up to a deposition to "explore the entire range of her mental health and stability."

When more than half of the social media universe is wondering whether the campaign of an Arizona gubernatorial frontrunner is just crazy or crazy like a fox, perhaps it is not the best idea to sic your attorney on a GOP political consultant.

Kari Lake ordered GOP attorney Tim LaSota to issue a cease and desist letter to Brian Murray, who also has been the Executive Director of the AZGOP. Murray had the temerity to question Lake's presumptions about Gov. Doug Ducey and her "media obsession". It was a mild tweet in questionable taste that only garnered one "like" and a couple of responses. (All the responses questioned his use of the word "bipolar".)

LaSota followed through, claiming that that word was defamatory, and that Murray does not have "carte blanche" just because Lake is a public figure. LaSota did not count on Murray retaining Chandler attorney and retorter extraordinaire Tom Ryan to respond on his behalf.

Ryan did not hold back. And, he invited LaSota to sue everyone who wonders about Lake. Read his response here: 

RESPONSE to Nonsensical Claim of Defamation by arizonaspolitics on Scribd

A lawsuit and ensuing deposition are unlikely.

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