Friday, April 12, 2024

BREAKING: RETIREMENT MONIES? Kyrsten Sinema Continues Accepting Corporate PAC Money After Announcing Retirement; APS Among Those Kicking In

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema continued to accept corporate PAC monies last month following her announcement that she would not seek reelection. The PAC for APS was among those contributing to a fund that could help fund her post-Senate life.

Sinema announced her retirement on March 5. In the few weeks following, her leadership PAC ("Getting Stuff Done") took in $25,000 from a total of five contributors.

GSD PAC ended March with more than $360,000 in the bank. And because Congress has not passed bills trying to restrict how that money can be spent, the options upon retirement are very open. 

Currently, Sinema's GSD PAC has spent much of its money on security and travel. In this new report, for instance, Sinema spent more than $5,000 in Paris (France) in February, staying at the Le Roch Hotel & Spa. 

Leadership PACs are not forced to terminate when a member of Congress leaves office. For example, Sinema's predecessor was Jon Kyl. He transferred more than $200,000 from his campaign committee to his leadership PAC, and disbursed it to other candidates and groups.  Arizona Governor Jan Brewer set up a federal Super PAC, and was able to use that to pay one of her children for several years after she left office. ("Gov. Brewer's Super PACs: Retirement Fund, 2016 Run Against McCain, Or Just "Stay Active" Money?")

Other than the Pinnacle West PAC (APS's parent company), PACs for General Dynamics, BAE Systems, Southern Company and Southwest Airlines Pilots each handed over $5,000 after March 5.

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