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This is the place to go to keep up with how much money is being raised in the 2016 Presidential campaign, where it lands on the #50ShadesOfDarkMoney scale, how it is being spent and where, etc. Suggestions, questions, comments are welcome.

November 23, 2015: UPDATE, 11/23, 1:15pm: Additional details on size of the American Encore ad buy are coming in (slowly). KCRG, the ABC affiliate in Cedar Rapids, has uploaded details of a $22,000 purchase for this holiday week. That brings the sure-to-grow total to $69,000. The updated total is reflected in 2nd paragraph.

November 22, 2015:  Sean Noble, former money "wizard" for the Koch Brothers' political network, has been preaching "Dump Trump" for several months now; this week, his American Encore organization begins airing ads in Iowa supporting Ted Cruz's Presidential bid.

The $47,000 ad buy focuses on "national security", and will begin airing tomorrow (Tuesday) in Des Moines. American Encore - formerly known as the Center to Protect Patient Rights - remains a major player in conservative independent expenditures andcontribution anonymizing. Its President/Treasurer, Sean Noble, has been publicly campaigning against GOP frontrunner Donald Trump since this past July.

Following Money In 2016 Presidential Politics has requested more information from American Encore, as well as a copy of the ad, and will update as needed.

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November 18, 2015: Chris Christie's friend, the "America Leads" Super PAC, filed yesterday that it had spent $456,000 on a New Hampshire TV ad late last week (11/12). The Super PAC is now nearly at the $6 Million mark in pro-Christie IE's.

This ad was released today by AL, and is titled, appropriately enough, "Lead". (It may or may not be running as part of the $456K buy.)

November 18, 2015:  There's a new $503,000 media campaign by the John Kasich-loving "New Day For Ameriica" Super PAC hitting New Hampshire/Massachusetts/Vermont.  Today's FEC filing indicates the expenditure was incurred yesterday and hit the airwaves today. The media buy was made by the similarly-named "New Day Media, LLC" firm (also in Ohio).

November 18, 2015: "The 2016 Committee" Super PAC supporting Ben Carson's campaign filed with the FEC today that it spent $50,000 on television advertising and $58,000 in digital and social media advertising in Iowa, New Hampshire and NORTH Carolina. This brings the generically-named Super PAC's total independent expenditures on behalf of Carson to more than $370,000. (*More investigation is being done on this IE report.)

August 26, 2015: A Ted Cruz-philic Super PAC is joining the "Attack Hillary" chorus, spending $79,600 on producing and releasing an add declaring that the Texas Senator is the right Republican to "fight Clinton fatigue".  "Keep The Promise I" is funded by wealthy hedge fund manager Robert Mercer, to the tune of $10.5M*. (Interestingly, the internet-only ad has one of the actors paging "Dr. Cruz", even though Cruz is NOT a doctor and there actually are two medical doctors in the GOP field.)

*Keep the Promise I redirected $500,000 to benefit Carly Fiorina's campaign on June 18.
(Clarification: $78,600 was actually spent producing the ad more than one month ago. $1,000 was spent on August 7. The date of dissemination - yesterday - was the controlling date for triggering the 48-hr notice.)

August 26, 2015: The Democratic Socialists of America today filed an independent expenditure report detailing $10,200 in various spending on behalf of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.  The second largest expenditure was $1,128 in bumper stickers from Arizona's "Dr. Dons Buttons".

List of million dollar donors (NY Times):
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