Thursday, January 20, 2011

Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva Endorsed Rodney Glassman For State Democratic Chair, But What's Up With This???

Arizona's Politics does not generally wade into the intra-party political maneuvering - and, I am not sure why I got this e-mail - but, the latest is impossible to ignore.

An e-mail from a Democratic District Chair (Jeffrey Rich) is headlined "Another backroom deal courtesy of Don Bivens and your Arizona Democratic Party".  He attaches an e-mail chain setting forth a letter from Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-CD7) and former Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard.  Grijalva has endorsed Rodney Glassman for State Party Chair and Terry Goddard has endorsed Andrei Cherny.  The State meeting is set for this coming Saturday.

Grijalva and Goddard set this post-Giffords assassination attempt era as a "moment of sorrow" and an inappropriate time to conclude a contentious battle for the Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party.  Therefore, they detail a proposal to keep current Chair Don Bivens (and the rest of the current officers) with the conditions that he/they will resign in one month.  A new election would then have to be noticed out.

The most interesting part is that the e-mail chain includes one from Cherny agreeing to the delay.  The other one is from Glassman to Rich, with the less-than-concurring subject line of: "FYI- Look at what Bivens and Cherney are planning next".

This would appear to indicate that Grijalva moved forward with this apparently-bipartisan proposal without Glassman's (a former aide of Grijalva's) support.  An interesting move, and one that is sure to make Saturday's meeting buzz even louder than before this attempted quieting proposal.  Rich's mass e-mail is just the first indication of that.

(Arizona's Politics is not posting the e-mail chain at this time because we do not yet have confirmation that the Grijalva-Goddard letter has been sent, and most of the other e-mails were supposed to be private until Rich sent them out.)

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Anonymous said...

the worst part is that Glassman agreed. There is an e-mail floating around with his agreement and yet he still sent out that e-mail. pathetic.

Mitch M. said...

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