Tuesday, January 25, 2011

WATCH (BEYOND HYPER-PARTISANSHIP): Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar Hopes Congress Only Stands When They Really Mean It Tonight

New Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar (R-CD1) spoke the least at this morning's news conference about the mixed seating movement for tonight's State of the Union address, but he may have uttered the best line. 

After Rep. Heath Shuler talked about staying away from making C-Span speeches except when it is really important and that none of the C-Span speeches win Oscars, Gosar jumped in to talk about the tendency for Congresspeople to jump up and down with too-frequent standing ovations whenever the President who matches their party label finishes a line.
I'm the newbie here.  But, maybe what it'll all orchestrate is that the true meaning of when you stand for an important point.   I think what we've gotten to is a point that we exemplify (amplify?) everything that is said in the speech.   It's past that point.  The American people want to have some concise language. And, maybe we'll have a little less standing ovation, and really mean it when we actually stand.  (about 18:10 mark)
Gosar also delivered a one-minute prepared text (about 9:25  mark), and answered a question by saying that noone had instructed the Republicans on how to behave (about 19:10 mark).

(The C-Span video is - for some unknown reason - "not embeddable".  This link should take you to the 18:05 mark where Rep. Gosar jumps in.)

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