Thursday, February 24, 2011

Arizona Legislative Session Has Tucsonans Thinking Breaking Away... Again

The idea of southern Arizona splitting off from (specifically) the Phoenix area and forming its own state is an idea that has bubbled just under the surface of the Sonoran desert soil for years and years.  (At least as long as I remember.)  But, the lopsided makeup of the state legislature (along with the statewide offices) has produced a number of bills and initiatives that have (potential) Baja Arizonans forming a multi-partisan committee that claims to be determined to make it a reality.

Rhonda Bodfield and Andrea Kelly have the complete details in the Arizona Daily StarThe Start Our State page already has 603 "likers" on Facebook.  And, the discussion about how to place a measure on the 2012 ballot and the possible financial impacts has begun - in the committee and on Facebook.

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