Thursday, February 9, 2012

Andrei Cherny Joins Democratic Primary Fray - "Young Guns" - For Competitive Congressional District

CORRECTION: (2:45PM): I neglected to mention that Wendy Rogers has also announced her candidacy for the Republican nomination. She also looks youthful, and I will have to ascertain her age and recalculate the average!)

As was widely expected, former Arizona Democratic Party Chair and unsuccessful candidate for State Treasurer Andrei Cherny launched his bid for the new 9th Congressional District today. He joins state senators David Schapira and Kyrsten Sinema in the primary battle.

Here is his launching video:

Cherny, Schapira and Sinema have just 102 years on this planet combined, being 36, 31, and 35, respectively. This primary battle will truly be "The Young Guns". The only announced Republican is Travis Grantham - who also looks to be pretty young, although his age was not readily available. (UPDATE: Mr. Grantham e-mailed Arizona's Politics to confirm that apparent youthfulness: he's only 32. Thus, the average age for the four candidates: 33.5.)

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