Tuesday, February 28, 2012

McCain Forgets The Landscape 4 Years Ago; Mitt In Town Tonight To Claim A Victory?

Arizona Senior Senator John McCain was in the arena for the presidency four years ago, yet his memory of it seems to be a little skewed to match his present-day desires. The Boston Herald interviewed McCain and features his call to "Close Curtain On GOP 'Greek Tragedy'".

He bemoans the attacks on Mitt Romney, the man who he has endorsed, and says it weakens the chances for Romney in the November general election.

Of course, at this time four years ago, McCain had finished attacking Romney and had sewn up the GOP nomination, and then spent the next few months watching with barely concealed glee as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and their supporters savaged each other. And later, as Clinton and supporters continued to claw at Obama as he became the more likely Democratic nominee.

The Herald reporter did ask McCain about the 2008/2012 comparison, but McCain brushed it off by saying that the current GOP fight is much more savage than the Democratic battle was. He cites the 3a.m. phone call as evidence of the tameness of the 2008 internecine fight.

It would appear that he forgets just how vicious he, other Republicans and just about everyone thought that television ad was at the time. Not to mention the Rev. Wright attacks, and the other innuendos that were supposedly being floated by Hillary operatives.


An interesting tidbit in the Herald article: it notes that McCain will be rallying with Romney in Phoenix tonight. (3rd graf)

No mention of this officially, though it would not be surprising for the candidate to catch a flight out of Michigan, use the time difference and make it to Arizona in time to make a victory speech in a state where he is likely to claim a decent margin. Certainly, McCain, Brewer and Company could hold the crowd at the Hyatt Regency for a while if whispers are in the air that Mitt is in the air.

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