Friday, April 19, 2013

Campaign Fundraising SAT Questions Of the Day: Schweikert '14 Edition

Some fundraising e-mails are incendiary, some are informational.  Others are goal-oriented, still others are head-scratchers.  Today's fits the latter two categories, reminding me of some of those multiple-choice exam questions that many of our school kids were taking this week or take to seek admission to college.

It comes from Rep. David Schweikert's (R-CD6) re-election campaign committee.  Here is the entire e-mail:

The following questions(1-5) are based upon the preceding fundraiser (I'm not going to make them multiple choice just to make them a little more challenging):

1) What singer does the title of the fundraising e-mail allude to?

2)  How many people supposedly are receiving this fundraising e-mail?

3)  How much money does the committee expect to raise if everyone donates either $5, $25, $50 or $100?

4)  Assuming a linear progression, how much money would be required to make the Washington establishment think four times about undermining the conservative agenda?

5)  Based upon the P.S., which Star Wars character wrote this fundraising e-mail?

Bonus note:  The e-mail notes that this new quarter brings new fundraising benchmarks.  The previous quarter either did not contain any such benchmarks, the benchmarks were zero, or they were ignored; the Schweikert campaign reports receiving no contributions in the first three months of 2013.

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