Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Gosar: Hell, No To "Hell No Caucus"; Vote Against Boehner Was About "Fixing" Process, Not Effort To Divide Republicans

Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar (R-CD4) does not approve of media efforts to portray his (and, others') vote  yesterday against John Boehner as an effort to "divide Republicans", and he issued his own "hell, no" to today's Politico headline.

Politico called the group of 25 GOP House members who voted for candidates other than Boehner the "Hell No Caucus". Arizona's Politics asked the Congressman what he thought of that moniker.

Press Secretary Steven D. Smith quickly responded that "the Congressman does not support the name and does not support any effort to divide the Republican caucus."

Prodded further, Gosar sent along this response: "The entire focus regarding my vote for new House Leadership has been about fixing the legislative process. We promised the American people more transparency and more accountability from Congress in how business gets done in Washington. It is time that elected Representatives begin creating an environment where we actually deliver on the promises we make.”

Amid scattered reports that some of those who voted against Boehner have faced retributive measures, Arizona's Politics inquired whether the only GOP member of Arizona's delegation to not vote for the Speaker had received any such messages.  "None," was Smith's simple reply. The "yet" was understood.

Meanwhile, Politico separately reported today that Arizona Rep. Matt Salmon (R-CD5) had met with Boehner the night before the vote for Speaker.  Salmon did not cast his vote the first time his name was called, though he was apparently at his seat during the session.  He voted when they came back to him later, and he was the 216th member to vote for Boehner. (Boehner did not receive a majority of the 435 Representatives, but he did receive a majority of the 408 who voted.)

Salmon's office did not respond to Arizona's Politics' inquiry for details of the Monday meeting with the Speaker.

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