Friday, December 11, 2015

LIST: 11 Safest Hospitals In Arizona, 10 Least Safe Hospitals In Arizona

This accompanies the article (below) about "16 Arizona Hospitals Penalized For Patient Safety Issues - Including Big Name Centers, 7 Repeat Offenders"

Per the data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, here is the FY2016 list of the Arizona hospitals which scored the best and worst in the annual survey for the "Hospital-Acquired Condition Reduction Program".

10 best scores:
1.  Oasis Hospital (1.00)
2.   Valley View Medical Center (1.50)
3. (tie)  Western Arizona Regional Medical Center
             Havasu Regional Medical Center
             Fort Defiance Indian Hospital (2.00)
6.  Chinle Comprehensive Health Care Facility (2.50)
7.  (tie) Verde Valley Medical Center
             Yuma Regional Medical Center
             Chandler Regional Medical Center
             Arizona Spine and Joint Hospital,
             The Surgical Hospital of Phoenix (3.00)

10 worst scores:
1.  Banner Ironwood Medical Center (9.50)
2.  (tie) Banner-University Medical Center
             Sells Indian Health Service Hospital (9.25)
4.  (tie) Arizona Orthopedic and Surgical Specialty Hospital
             Whiteriver PHS Indian Hospital
              Yavapai Regional Medical Center - East (9.00)
7.  Maricopa Medical Center (8.75)
8.  Scottsdale Shea Medical Center (8.50)
9.  Abrazo West Campus (7.75)
10. Banner Thunderbird Medical Center (7.50)

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