Tuesday, April 4, 2017

McCain Still Very Sad, But Will Vote To Go Nuclear (In Senate): "I Have No Choice"

John McCain (R-AZ) says he will vote to go "nuclear" in the U.S. Senate this week because "I have no choice." Last week, McCain said he was "very sad" at the prospect of changing the filibuster rules in order to get Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch confirmed; today, he said he has "terrible
qualms" but will vote with his party.

McCain - possibly in his final 6-year term in the Senate - told Politico: "I have no choice." He warned that the GOP will pay a political price for opting for a simple majority - "Democrats are obviously paying a heavy price for what Harry Reid did, and I believe we will pay a price for this."

Democrats removed the 60-vote threshold for confirming nominations and appointments other than for the Supreme Court (though the rule could have been reinstated) during the Obama presidency, claiming that Republicans were filibustering non-controversial District and Court of Appeals nominations.

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