Friday, December 22, 2017

Arizona: Ground Zero In Steven Seagal/Tom Morrissey Book... and the Amazon Review Battleground

Former Party Chair Tom Morrissey is calling for Arizona Republicans to read and review the book he recently co-wrote with Steven Seagal, in order to combat a sudden rush of negative reviews on Amazon.

The book takes place in Arizona and was released on October 1, but the spate of 1- and 2-star reviews started Wednesday after a Twitter account with 3,000 followers - @IAmTheWarax - began highlighting the book and a positive review from a colorful individual.

This morning, Morrissey published a plea in the MCRC News Briefs, a widely-read unofficial daily newsletter for Arizona Republicans. He claims that "the Establishment and other Deep State people" are "vastly upset" and that the attack is coming from "the Left". Morrissey calls for Republicans who have already purchased the book to "write an honest review of it and post it on Amazon to help counter this attack from the Left. They do not like what Steven Seagal and I have been able to convey and they are now in an attack mode, trying to silence us."

Already, at least one new positive review has been posted on Amazon's site. More positive and negative reviews can be expected, as a New York Times reporter with 139,000 followers just re-tweeted the Warax missive with the comment: "Recently-minted Russian citizen Steven Seagal."

Contacted by Arizona's Politics this morning, the person writing The Warax twitter feed noted that he or she does "satire and commentary for what is usually a small, niche natsec audience. We were all surprised when the Seagal thread got so much traction." Then notes that the focus really was on the reviewer who claims to have connections to the "US Army war college."

As noted on the cover of the book, former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio provided a foreword. He notes that he "strongly identifies with this book because in many ways I lived what is portrayed on its pages."

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