Thursday, February 8, 2018

BREAKING: Club For Growth Goes After Lesko In #AZ08 Special Election, With Trent Franks Robocall and a Mailer

(Feb. 9, 1:45pm: Arizona's Politics has published an update of this article, to reflect Club for Growth's responses. Club for Growth has not endorsed a candidate in the GOP primary to replace Franks, although National Horizon is currently funded solely by CfG's political arm. The article below has not been changed. Their statement, and an article on the issues raised can be found here.)

The mega-conservative group Club For Growth is bankrolling a new campaign to tout Steve Montenegro in this month's Republican primary to replace the resigned Trent Franks. First element to draw attention? A robocall recorded by Franks touting his former employee.

Next up? A mailer which should be hitting Republican mailboxes within the next day or two, attacking primary opponent Debbie Lesko and touting Montenegro.

The independent expenditure group National Horizon is nominally responsible for the call and the mailer. But, National Horizon has received all of its $230,000 from the Club for Growth Action Fund. In a disclosure filed today with the Federal Election Commission, National Horizon indicates it spent $27,173 on the Tuesday mailer.

The 1 1/2 minute robocall from a slow-talking Franks does not mention Lesko or any of the other Republican candidates, but says that Montenegro "is being falsely and outrageously attacked". Franks goes on to profusely praise Montenegro's courage.

Arizona's Politics has not yet received a copy of the mailer, but Lesko spokesperson Barrett Marson indicates it focuses on border security and "lies" about Lesko's position.

Lesko and Montenegro both resigned their seats in the Arizona State Senate to try to replace Franks.  The special election primary is on February 27, with the general election on April 24.

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