Wednesday, March 21, 2018

BREAKING: Arizona Supreme Court Keeps ESA Referendum On November Ballot (READ opinion)

The Arizona Supreme Court today unanimously ruled that the election referendum on the law expanding the state's school voucher program will go forward in November.

The ruling affirms the trial court's decision and likely ends the legal challenge by Christopher Perea and Tom Jenney (Americans For Prosperity). They supported the Legislature and Governor Ducey's law and challenged the Save Our Schools' referendum effort on various petition grounds.

The Court determined that the challengers could not base their challenge on petition challenge laws passed by the Legislature in the 2017 session because they did not go into effect until the day after Save Our Schools had filed their petition signtures. (Justice Clint Bolick did not participate in the case.)

Arizona's Politics has requested comments from the parties and will update as needed.

UPDAE: Here is the quote that Save Our Schools' co-founder Beth Lewis provided to the Arizona Republic:

"We are grateful to be done with the distraction of their groundless lawsuit," according to a statement Wednesday from Save Our Schools Arizona co-founder Beth Lewis.
"We've known all along that our statewide volunteer network of parents, teachers and retirees played by the rules in our effort to protect public education and honor the will of Arizona voters.
"With this ruling, we can finally focus on our main objective: educating Arizona voters about the problems with Proposition 305 and the harm it causes to Arizona schools and communities."

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