Friday, March 16, 2018

READ: Flake/McCain/Gardner/Barrasso Introduce Western Drought Resilience/Water Supplies Bill

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake and a trio of Western co-sponsors - John McCain, John Barrasso and Cory Gardner - have introduced a bill to address drought and water rights.

Here is the text of the Water Supply Infrastructure and Drought Resilience Act of 2018:

Sen. Flake's office summarizes:
Specific provisions in the bill would:
·         Establish a pilot program to update flood-control curves at Bureau of Reclamation facilities.
·         Increase access to USBR’s WaterSMART program.
·         Set up a “one-stop-shop” streamlined permitting process for surface water storage projects.
·         Provide USBR with increased flexibility to recharge aquifers.
·         Protect state water rights from over-regulation by the Department of Interior and Department of Agriculture.

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