Tuesday, November 6, 2018

BREAKING, READ: Green Angela Green's Last-Minute Withdrawal; Her Votes Will Be Counted, Polling Places Will Post The Withdrawal

(UPDATE, 8:40am: Arizona Election Director has announced that the text of the withdrawal form is outdated, and that any ballots cast for Ms. Green "WILL be tabulated.")

In today's nationally-watched Arizona Senate election, here is the last-second withdrawal filed by Green Party candidate Angela Green.

As noted, the withdrawal will prevent any votes that either have already been cast for her or will be cast for her today to not be counted or announced.

Arizona Elections Director Eric Spencer indicated yesterday afternoon that all of Arizona's County Recorders have been notified of the withdrawal. Arizona's Politics has received reports that some polling places will post a notice of the withdrawal - near where eligible write-in candidates will be posted.

Last week, Green told KPNX's Brahm Resnik that she was withdrawing and asking people to support Democrat Kyrsten Sinema in the tight battle against Republican Martha McSally.

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