Thursday, November 8, 2018

BREAKING: READ Arizona Republicans' Legal Challenge To Verifying Early Ballot Signatures

Arizona Republican groups filed legal action yesterday afternoon to prevent County Elections Departments from calling voters whose signatures on their early ballot envelopes do not exactly match their voter registration signatures.  A hearing on the motion for a temporary restraining order is being held this morning.

Here are the Complaint and the TRO Motion filed by the Republican Committees for Maricopa County, Yuma County, Apache County and Navajo County. It names all of Arizona's County Recorders and the Secretary of State.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Margaret Mahoney is conducting an emergency telephonic hearing at this hour. Arizona's Politics was not permitted to monitor the hearing, but will report on the outcome as soon as possible.

The Arizona Republic broke the news of the suit last night, and the outcome may effect an unknown number of late-cast early ballots. In response to a threatened legal action a couple of weeks before the election, Maricopa County announced that it would join other counties in asking voters if they did, in fact, sign the green return envelope. (Such phone calls are routinely made for questions arising from quickly-returned early ballots.)

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