Thursday, February 28, 2019

UPDATE: Senate Judiciary Committee Postpones Voting On Michael Liburdi For Lifetime Judgeship (ARIZONA'S POLITICAL SHORTS)

UPDATE, 9:00a.m.: Without discussion, Senator Lindsey Graham announced that a Senate Judiciary Committee vote on Liburdi's nomination - along with a few others - was being postponed for one week. He noted it was "at the request of our Democratic colleagues."

5:30a.m.: The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to vote this morning to recommend President Trump's nomination of Michael Liburdi to become the newest U.S. District Court Judge in Arizona. Liburdi was Governor Doug Ducey's General Counsel for the past three years.

As reported by Arizona's Politics, Liburdi applied for the lifetime appointment directly to the Trump Administration, as opposed to being recommended by Arizona's Senators. The vote on his nomination will follow that of a more controversial nomination, of Neomi Rao, for the DC Circuit Court of Appeals.

Live video of the Committee's meeting, beginning at 8am (AZ Time) can be found here.

Assuming a positive vote in the Republican-controlled committee, his nomination will then be forwarded for a vote in the entire Senate. The timing for that is uncertain.

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