Thursday, July 11, 2019

"AZ Law" - AG vs. Universities, Bad Braille, Prosecutors Can't Seek Execution vs. Immigrant, and More

Please make your way over to our sister website to stream or download the newest installment of "AZ Law". The new Sun Sounds of Arizona program airs monthly, with additional episodes available to listen to on-demand.

This week's installment features a mix of reporting - original and from the Republic, the AP and CBS Radio - as well as a commentary from Blog For Arizona founder/attorney Michael Bryan.

The program features articles covering Arizona-related court cases in both state and federal courts.

Aired on non-profit Sun Sounds of Arizona, a statewide reading service that provides audio access to printed material for people who cannot hold or read print material due to a disability.  Sun Sounds is part of the broadcast operation at Rio Salado Community College, along with KJZZ and KBAQ. You can donate or listen here.

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