Friday, January 10, 2020

BAD CHARITY TELEMARKETING ALERT: "Childhood Leukemia Foundation" Robo-Calling In Phoenix - Rude and FAILS Charity Navigator Financial Scoring

Received a telemarketing call from "Childhood Leukemia Foundation" this morning. Was not sure if it was robocall or not, so I started asking some questions. The telemarketer/computer hung up on me after I asked where the Foundation is based.* Not good.

I looked them up on Guidestar and reviewed their most recent publicly-available IRS filing. Not impressive and did not make much sense. Besides showing that most of the money goes to the telemarketing fundraisers, the program expenses lines did not add up. Their "wish baskets" include "pajama bottoms" only? Weird. But, $75 gift cards? Not only odd, but the numbers don't calculate - maybe they get discounted gift cards or unusable cards at strange sites.

Then, I looked at Charity Navigator. "ZERO stars" because of the poor financials that I had just

So, because of the poor behavior by the telemarketing company and that it then sucks up most of the money, PLEASE find a better place to donate your money than "Childhood Leukemia Foundation"! Do NOT give the telemarketers money!

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