Wednesday, August 19, 2020

BREAKING: Supreme Court Reverses, Invest In Ed Initiative Back On The Ballot (READ Decision)

In a major decision, the Arizona Supreme Court has reinstated the Invest In Ed ballot initiative that will
place a surcharge on higher income earners to help fund education. The decision reverses the Superior Court opinion that removed the measure on the basis that the 100-word description was not comprehensive enough.

"The Court unanimously finds that the 100-word description did not create a significant danger of confusion or unfairness and reverses the trial court ruling."

The Justices did agree with Judge Christopher Coury that the incentives that the petition circulating company paid individuals who collected many of the signatures "did not warrant the invalidation" of the petition signatures, although recent statutes prohibit initiative circulators from paying by the signature.

Today's decision on the 100-word description will bode well for the other three ballot measures - all of which are currently in front of the Supreme Court on similar challenges.

A more complete Opinion will likely be published in the next couple of months.


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