Friday, October 15, 2021


Jim Lamon Stays At Trump Hotel, Nabs Jeff DeWit Endorsement

In July, Senate candidate Jim Lamon spent the night at the Trump hotel in Washington, spending $3,165. While he has not received the big payoff yet, he did receive a solid endorsement from Jeff DeWit, a former Arizona State Treasurer and Trump campaign CFO.

However, so far, it has not translated into campaign financial success, as the Lamon campaign is $1.4M under water. Last quarter, Lamon - a former solar energy company executive - lent his campaign $2M. As the 3rd quarter was coming to a close, he wrote another IOU for $3M, so that his report would look positive on the surface. (Without the loan, he raised $135k and spent $727k.)

Blake Masters Raises $1.0M In 3rd Quarter...In Addition To Separate Thiel Fund

Blake Masters showed some fundraising chops in his first full quarter of his campaign for the U.S. Senate, raising more than $1M from donors not named Peter Thiel. Masters shows net cash on hand of $768,000. (He has chosen not to immediately reimburse himself and a couple of the campaign's employees for out of pocket expenses, which explains the "debts owed" figure below.)

His main consultant expenses are to a trio of Phoenix-based groups (Marson, Saguaro Group, Summit).

Of course, as has been widely reported, Masters is receiving a huge boost from Peter Thiel. In fact, earlier today, Thiel's "Saving Arizona PAC" dropped $63,567 on an ad attacking GOP front-runner Mark Brnovich.

Mick McGuire Struggling To Maintain Altitude, Gets Assist From Fox News
One of the primary GOP opponents for the Mark Kelly seat is retired Gen. Mick McGuire. However, McGuire had to lend $50,000 to his campaign in the 3rd quarter, bringing his personal outlay to $249,500 this year. His net cash on hand as of September 30 was $66,000.

Most of his outlays this past quarter went to his political consultants (Lincoln Strategy Group) and to legal counsel (Snell & Wilmer and Holtzman Vogel).

McGuire is battling AZ AG Mark Brnovich, Blake Masters and several others for the GOP nomination.

McGuire received a Fox News boost yesterday, gaining a coveted spot on Fox & Friends to talk about how "the radical left is tearing this country apart."

Mark Kelly In Higher Orbit
Mark Kelly's liftoff already having taken place, Arizona's junior Senator continues to achieve higher and higher orbits. Here is his 3rd quarter snapshot, in which added $5.4M to his campaign's reserve of rocket fuel. Kelly now has $13M ready to keep him in the U.S. Senate beyond next year's election.
(Mark Kelly's 3q21 snapshot)

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