Friday, October 15, 2021

NEW, BREAKING THE BANK: Sinema Fundraising Juggernaut Continues, Raises $1.1M In 3rd Quarter, Cash On Hand $4.5M (REVIEW Report)

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema turned in a gargantuan fundraising haul in the 3rd quarter of 2021, raising $1.1M and growing her campaign coffers by $900,000 (to $4.5M) more than three years away from her next election.

For perspective, the numbers are nearly identical to her previous quarter. And, in the comparable off-year quarter of 2019, Arizona's senior Senator (D-AZ) netted *only* $200,000.  

Sinema has been criticized by some for her fundraising from pharmaceutical and other corporate interests. Although the number is made up of monies from different types of PACs, Sinema raised $191,600 from the Political Action Committees in the 3rd quarter, bringing her haul for the election cycle to more than $1.5M.

There are several other key things to suss out of the 671-page report, and many will be looking at it closer. (If *you* see noteworthy items, you can email them our way.)

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