Thursday, March 31, 2022

BREAKING: Ken Bennett, Senate's Election "Audit" Liaison Starts Last-Minute Bid To Re-Join The Senate

The State Senate's liaison to last year's notorious Maricopa County election "audit" is making a last-minute bid to re-join the State Senate.
(Ken Bennett watching a Ninja)

Ken Bennett was previously best known for his 1 1/2 terms as Arizona's Secretary of State and his stint as President of the Senate. He filed a Statement of Interest yesterday to begin collecting signatures for the GOP nomination in LD1, and would be replacing current Senate President Karen Fann.

Two Republicans have already filed their nominating signatures - former Rep. Noel Campbell and Steve Zipperman. Bennett's six day sprint indicates that he and others are likely not happy with those choices.

The deadline for all partisan candidates to submit signatures is this coming Monday, April 4. With the eQual system BACK ONLINE as of last night, Bennett has the opportunity to get some 450 supporters to sign online.

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