Thursday, September 29, 2022

WATCH: "Blake Masters Supports Compromise" - New Million Dollar Ad Tries To Help Re-write Abortion Positions (FOLLOWING $$$ IN AZ'S POLITICS)

A new $1M digital ad buy from the Women Speak Out PAC touts GOP Senate nominee Blake Masters as one who "supports compromise" on abortion issues, and tries to portray Sen. Mark Kelly as being "extreme".

The irony of an effort to erase Masters' extreme rhetoric during the contentious GOP primary is capped by the fact that the principal funder of "Women Speak Out" is Richard Uihlein. The conservative billionaire's apparent gender switch would typically raise eyebrows in today's Republican party.

The digital ad buy was disclosed to the FEC yesterday. The SuperPAC is part of the Susan B. Anthony List organization and is primarily (more than 2/3) funded by Uihlein's Restoration PAC.

In addition to claiming that Masters "supports compromise", it touts that he supports regulating late-term abortions "with an exception to protect the mother". He had previously proclaimed support for "personhood" provisions that grant rights from the moment of fertilization. (And, this ad uses the term "late term" while actually tying it to a sonogram.)

The ad also misrepresents Mark Kelly's positions. Kelly recently pointed out that Roe v. Wade permitted restrictions late during pregnancy and that he supports that.

Here is the new ad:

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