Wednesday, October 12, 2022

BREAKING: WATCH New $2M Ad Supporting Blake Masters, Raising Question: Will We Know Who Is Paying For It? (Plus, the Return Of Sean Noble) (#50ShadesOfDarkMoney)

The Super PAC dedicated to supporting Blake Masters' Senatorial run had been funded by his former employer, billionaire Peter Thiel. But Thiel insisted he was not adding more to the $10M he put in to help  power Masters through the primary election.

And, he has kept his word, according to the Saving Arizona PAC men (or, women). 

So, who has put in the $5.2M that has been spent by the Super PAC since then? The next finance report is due in 15 days, and we will learn whether or not the original source(s) is/are disclosed.

Adding to the speculation that we will learn that the money is dark is the return of DC London to the stage. The firm is run and co-founded by Sean Noble, the one-time dark money king for the Koch Brothers network and for outgoing Arizona Governor Doug Ducey. DC London started running the digital media campaign for Saving Arizona after the primary.

Adding a touch of irony to the funding question is that the new ad mimics late night local advertising that inevitably smacks of hucksterism. (It is an obvious attempt to break through the blizzard of serious negative political ads.)

The new $2M ad buy was first reported by NBC News. Watch it below.

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