Thursday, October 27, 2022

BREAKING: Peter Thiel Gives In, Kicks In; But, His Blake Masters Super PAC ALSO Gets $3M In Dark Money (#50ShadesOfDarkMoney)

The Blake Masters supporting Super PAC started by billionaire Peter Thiel has gone dark. Dark money, that is.

Saving Arizona PAC received $3M earlier this month from the American Exceptionalism Institute, Inc. It was disclosed in a filing today with the Federal Election Commission, but there is no way of knowing who is funneling that money to help elect Blake Masters to the U.S.  Senate.

The other big news from today's filing is that Peter Thiel - Masters' former employer - has given in and kicked in another $2.5M to support his protege. After spending $10M to get Masters through the primary election, Thiel told Mitch McConnell and Republican leaders that it was their turn to pull Masters through the general.

Saving Arizona then became a vehicle for other big money Republicans wanting to try to snatch back the Arizona Senate seat from Mark Kelly. 

Arizona's Politics speculated earlier this month that dark money may have taken over the Super PAC. We now know it was five days earlier that AEI had already done it.

It has spent $5.3M in the past week. For more on the $18.2M spent in Arizona's race THIS WEEK, go here.
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