Thursday, October 27, 2022

NEW: Big Money and Dark Money FLOOD Arizona For Senate Showdown - GOP Outspends Dems $11.7M To $6.5M... THIS WEEK Alone

More than $18 Million has been spent in Arizona's critical U.S. Senate race THIS WEEK alone. And, Republicans groups outspent Democrats $11.7M to $6.5M.

Arizona's Politics has scoured the filings required to be filed with the Federal Elections Commission, and they demonstrate the parties' supporters kicking in big time down the stretch. (Here's our separate article on the Super PAC created to support GOP nominee Blake Masters. )

The Republican effort to play catch-up - Kelly's campaign has greatly out-raised and out-spent Masters' - is demonstrated by the several different groups chipping in major independent expenditures. In addition to the $5.3M spent by the Masters-centric Saving Arizona PAC, Club for Growth spent $5M, the NRA Victory Fund spent nearly $200k on digital advertising today, the Sentinel Action Fund put $500k into TV, American Principles Project threw $300k at digital and the inappropriately-named Women Speak Out spent $272k on canvassing, digital and other media.

The Democratic-philic groups spending to re-elect Sen. Mark Kelly were led by the leadership-associated SMP ($4.1M) and Priorities USA ($1.3M). The SD PAC and Somos PAC each spent about $160k, on digital advertising and canvassing, respectively.

Arizona's race moved today to being rated as a "toss-up" from "leans Democratic" (by Cook Political Report).

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