Monday, April 11, 2011

Really, New York Times? Article About Arizonans Dyeing Grass Greener Makes Sunday Front Page

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I appreciate that the New York Times opened up a Phoenix bureau last year, and that excellent reporter Marc Lacey has to file some stories other than border updates and unusual Arizona elected official actions, and that this story is a semi-decent slice of life.

But, was an article about how some Phoenicians have sprayed green dye on their lawns REALLY front-page news?  Especially when there is no indication how popular it is - in fact, the article includes a statement that it might NOT be popular, and the business cited claims (on its website) that it is popular in California and the rest of the nation.  Inside, where they place human interest or gardening stories, maybe.  But, the front page?

I understand the Times' desire to place a fun or quirky story on the front page to get some attention.  But, the Gray Lady does appear to relish any story - from Lacey or otherwise - which paints Arizona and/or Arizonans in a too-unusual-to-be-taken-seriously light.

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