Thursday, April 21, 2011

Seriously, Rep. Harper? Purported Political Nose-Picking?

Imagine Arizona's Politics' excitement to get a personalized Tweet from State Rep. Jack Harper (R-LD4).  Imagine Arizona's Politics' disappointment to learn that the legislator had personally asked dozens of his followers to Retweet the same message linking to a YouTube video. 

Intrigued by the message - "While Republicans are working to secure the border, Democrats are just picking their noses" - we watched.  Imagine Arizona's Politics' disappointment upon realizing that Rep. Harper had spent the time to put together a couple of YouTube videos featuring Rep. Ruben Gallego explaining his "no" vote on SB1406.  Near the end of his explanation, he scratches his nose and his finger gets perilously close to entering a nostril.  That's it.  (Not even a montage of several Democrats nearly picking their noses, even though the Tweet implies it was multiple actual pickings.)

SB1406 is now on its way to the Governor.  It will set up a state fund to hire private contractors to use prison inmates to build a border fence along Arizona's southern border, and authorize the Governor to enter into a compact with other states along the U.S.-Mexico border.  (It also does a nifty job of hand-picking which county sheriffs will make up the committee that will control the job.)

I initially surmised that this YouTube video (the one Harper Tweeted features music over Gallego's explanation, though he separately posted the Gallego audio) was one of those whiling-away-the-hours-'til-sine-die projects, but Harper actually posted and Tweeted about this after the legislature called it quits.

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