Friday, April 1, 2011

WATCH: Arizona Rep. Trent Franks Hoping To Lead African-Americans Into "Second Civil War"

Arizona Rep. Trent Franks, who may declare his candidacy for the soon-to-be-vacant U.S. Senate seat, is hoping to lead African-Americans in a "second Civil War". 

Franks has received attention in the past for both his very strong stances against abortion and for asserting that the African-American community is more devastated by abortion than it was by slavery (when that community had not yet earned its hyphen).  However, Arizona's Politics had not actually heard him call for a "second Civil War" until today, when the following video on YouTube popped up on the monitor.

First, the background on how Arizona's Politics came to see this video and write this post.  The possibility that Rep. Franks may announce his candidacy for the Senate seat being vacated by Jon Kyl tomorrow, when he is at a fundraiser with Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), got the ball rolling.  Wondering if there is video of Franks past appearances with Bachmann, we searched and found Franks praising his colleague (but not of return praise):
"Michele Bachmann has such a gentle and kind demeanor that she's kind of considered the sweetheart of the Congress.  But, I will tell you that she also has the heart of a Valkyrie, and the people of America are responding to her voice to rescue this country like perhaps noone else in Congress."

Searching for return praise, Arizona's Politics then came across an interview that Franks did with Peter Shinn for ProLife Unity on July 14, 2009.  A movie was being shown that day in a Congressional office building about how abortion is a Black genocide that originated after the Civil War.  Franks repeatedly gave high praise to the film and issued his call to arms:

"It's time for Americans to have maybe a second Civil War.  Only, hopefully, this one won't be bloody.  Hopefully, we can do this in a way we can say 'Hey, we're not going to abide by a racist policy that kills 50% of all African-American children.  We're not going to let that happen anymore. We're better than that. That's not who we are as a nation.'" (begins 3:53 into the interview)
Besides not being able to find evidence to back up his 50% claim (Arizona's Politics Fact Check to come later), his call for a war that only "hopefully" will not be bloody catches one's attention.  And, given the rest of the interview, where he demonstrates his affinity with the African-American community (e.g. his birthday falls on Juneteenth), it is clear that he is ready to lead the next civil war.

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