Tuesday, May 15, 2012

LISTEN, (sorta-)WATCH: Supreme Court Arguments On Arizona's SB1070 Illegal Immigration Enforcement Law

Cleaning up some odds and ends last night, I noticed that I had left a loose end by not posting the audio of the Supreme Court oral arguments from the Arizona v. United States SB1070 case last month.  Let's remedy that by putting up C-Span's version of it, matching the audio to pictures of the Justices and attorneys who are engaged at the moment.  (If it was Comedy Central or Craig Ferguson, they would no doubt make the pictures look like they are doing the talking, which would raise the entertainment bar even higher.)

Reading along with the audio is usually pretty helpful: here is a link to the Supreme Court's transcript of the argument.  (Arizona's Politics previously provided excerpts of the portions where Justice Anthony Kennedy was involved.)

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Anonymous said...

Great posting! Now when would be an answer from the Supreme Court about this?

Mitch M. said...

Thanks, Anon. The Supreme Court WILL issue its opinion on a Monday morning between now and June 25. (They will read opinions on the day after Memorial Day, and will occasionally also hand down opinions on Thursdays near the end of their term.)

It should be interesting. Besides the well-discussed leaning towards approving section 2(b), it is much less apparent what will happen with the rest of 1070.

Anonymous said...

I had the impression the Supreme Court didn't like the 1070 (after reading all the arguments) We'll see then.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any news about the supreme court and sb1070?

Mitch M. said...

Nothing yet, Anon. We generally don't get advance word on whether it will be one of the opinions read on a Monday session. We just have to tune in each Monday (at about 7am, AZ Time).

Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.