Monday, September 10, 2012

AS SEEN ON TV: And, We're Off and (Ads Are) Running

("As Seen On TV" is a running series on Arizona's Politics focusing on which campaign ads are airing on Arizona at the moment.  Please add YOUR eyes and ears to this feature!

There was a slight break in the TV ad barrage after the primary elections.  Judging by my late night news viewing last night, and the few minutes I caught this morning, the break is OVER.  Here are the ads we spotted (Channels 10 and 12 in Phoenix):

1) The DCCC's ad hammering "Payday Paton".  Jonathan Paton (R) is running against former Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D) in CD1.  Spotted 3 different times.
2)  Joe Arpaio's biographical ad.  Spotted twice.
3)  Richard Carmona biographical ad.  Also spotted twice.
4)  NRCC ("National Republican Congressional Committee") ad pairing up Kirkpatrick with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Spotted once.
5)  Kirkpatrick biographical ad.  Spotted once.


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