Monday, September 10, 2012

AS SEEN ON TV: A Plea For Your Help

Two years ago, one of the popular features on this blog was "As Seen On TV".  In it, I note which ads I - or, friends or readers - had actually seen on television, and we tried to make sure that we embedded the video (where available, and when the blog code gurus would allow it).

I believe that this was an appreciated series because it allowed us to focus on ads that are actually making impressions on potential voters.  Too many ads are released as web-only or with only a token ad buy - hoping to get some "free press" or to impress the diehards.

I need your participation!  This feature works much better with more eyes and ears.  (I do not get to watch too much TV, and am only trying to monitor Phoenix stations.)

So, PLEASE, send me an e-mail (info-at-arizonaspolitics-dot-com), a Tweet (@AZs_Politics), or a Facebook message (facebook-dot-com.mitch.martinson.7) with the ads that you see.  Please note the candidate/group responsible for the ad, a couple of words about the content, and the approximate time (or, program) and the channel.  (Example: NRCC, Kirkpatrick Loves Pelosi, Ch.12, 10pm news)

As I have also reported for other media, I would like to do the same for radio ads ("Heard It On the X"?), newspaper ads ("Its Black and White and Still(?) Read All Over"?), and mailers ("Please, Mr. Postman..."?).

We welcome your comments about this post. Or, if you have something unrelated on your mind, please e-mail to info-at-arizonaspolitics-dot-com or call 602-799-7025. Thanks.

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