Wednesday, September 12, 2012

AS SEEN ON TV: New Ads From Arpaio, Carmona

("As Seen On TV" is a running series on Arizona's Politics focusing on which campaign ads are airing on Arizona at the moment.  Please add YOUR eyes and ears to this feature!)

We got a chance to watch some baseball (Diamondbacks beat the Dodgers again, 4 games out of a wildcard spot) and some news - caught ads during both.  Richard Carmona (Dem running for Senate) and Joe Arpaio (Republican Sheriff running for re-election) each had new ads up.

The Carmona ad focuses on healthcare (he was U.S. Surgeon General under George W. Bush) and has already drawn fire from Republicans, who are claiming he is trying to appeal to Independents in the ad by saying that both Republicans and Democrats have had it wrong on healthcare reform while supporting the "ObamaCare" law when speaking just to Democrats.  I saw it twice tonight.

Arpaio's ad is likely going to draw a lot of fire.  And, for those who follow local news, it might cause your jaw to drop.  He focuses on children and says that they deserve to be protected.
(Arpaio speaking)  "These kids are the future.  They need strong families, good schools, and safe neighborhoods to thrive.  But, too often, they are neglected by the people they should trust the most: their parents."

He paused just before fingering the parents, and at that point, my jaw dropped and the first thought that flashed through my brain was that he was going to tackle the issue of his office dropping the ball on several hundred sex crimes investigations.  (Arpaio later semi-apologized, saying "If there were any victims....")

He went on to boast about the deadbeat parents that he has rounded up to collect child support payments.

That ad was also spotted twice.

The DCCC ad against Jonathan Paton (R-running-for-CD1) and the Ann Kirkpatrick positive ad were also seen tonight.

Let us know what ads you see out there.

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