Tuesday, July 16, 2013

FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS: McSally Gaining National Attention, Losing Fundraising Ground To Rep. Barber

(UPDATE, 4:25pm: While McSally told Politico that she has not made a final decision on whether or not to run, she did begin public fundraising efforts - on her Facebook page - this past Friday.  The post, signed "Martha", is re-posted below the jump.)

Retired Air Force Colonel Martha McSally is gaining national attention today, the day after she filed her second quarter campaign finance report showing no contributions;  meanwhile, incumbent Rep. Ron Barber (D-CD2) added more than $220,000 to his campaign war chest.

McSally, who narrowly lost to Barber in the 2012 general election, filed her Statement of Candidacy earlier this month (as initially reported in Arizona's Politics).  She then told Politico that she had not yet made a final decision on whether to pursue the rematch.

Perhaps as a result, Politico this morning ran a lengthy profile of McSally and the potential re-match in CD2, complete with praise and encouragement from Republican officials and consultants.

McSally and Barber both filed their 2nd quarter finance reports last night (just posted on the Federal Election Commission website today).

McSally received no contributions, but did receive a $15,000 refund from a double payment to a media firm.  Hence, her cash on hand increased from $22,639.55 to the current $30,604.04.

Barber raised some serious funds, nearly $300,000 ($293,069.28), and reported a June 30 bank balance of $551,639.00.

No other candidates have entered this race, which is rated as one of the few "pure toss-up" Congressional battles in the country.

McSally's Facebook post, July 12
I wanted to make sure you saw this headline in the Arizona Republic today:
Arizona Republic: GOP poll finds Barber “most vulnerable” House Democrat
The findings? Ron Barber and I are nearly tied, separated by just 1 point!
There are literally dozens of races across the country this year, but according to this poll by national Republicans, Ron Barber “would instantly be one of, if not the most vulnerable incumbent Democrat House member of this current Congress” should he face us next November.
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Anonymous said...

"No other candidates have entered this race, which is rated as one of the few "pure toss-up" Congressional battles in the country."

Well it is early, but keep your eyes peeled for a certain individual who can raise money, is not a darling of the republican party, but who is a republican with some libertarian in him and who has substantial senior level capitol hill staff experience as part of his impressive career.

This person most likely will challenge Ms. McSally, and not only out raise her, but also keep up with Barber in the fund raising arena.

Mitch M. said...

Thanks, Anon! I think I just peeled my eyes and found something in my e-mail inbox! (I asked for a couple of clarifications from "certain individual" and will post following the responses._