Tuesday, April 15, 2014

1st QUARTER CAMPAIGN FINANCE ROUND-UP, #AZ02: Incumbent Barber Narrowly Outraised, But Has $360K More In Bank

(Updated, 4/16/14 10:00am: Table and article have been updated to include money raised as part of joint fundraising committees - see note below table.)
Arizona Rep. Ron Barber (D-CD2) was narrowly outraised in the 1st quarter by the high-flying Republican challenger Martha McSally, but has more in the fuel tank.

The incumbent raised Barber's campaign reports cash on hand on April 1 of more than $1.2M.  He raised $422,799, including more than $150,000 from PACs.

McSally's campaign received more than $441,000 in contributions; the incumbent Barber's campaign states that they brought in $422,000.  McSally has $847,142 cash on hand.  $110,000 of that came from a "Winning Women" joint fundraiser in Washington, in March.

Shelley Kais has raised more than $20,000 in her challenge to McSally for the GOP nomination.  Charles Wooten raised more than $6,000 and Jim Brown (who switched from running in CD1 to CD2) does not yet have his filing available on the FEC site.

Barber narrowly defeated McSally in the first regular election for each of them in 2012. The re-match is expected to be one of the most hotly-contested in the nation.

While the candidatess fundraising is significant, the money raised and spent by the candidates to date - and, likely throughout the campaign - is going to be DWARFED by the amount spent on TV ads by outside groups. Already, outside groups are running ads practically matching that dollar figure, hammering both Barber and McSally.
Note: "PACs" column includes monies raised by joint fundraising committees. Even though much of those funds may constitute contributions from individuals, it is not being included in the "Individuals" column because PACs may contribute to them and because it could permit individuals to donate more than the (still-currently-existing) limit that may be given to a particular candidate by an individually.
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